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View photos of Will’s favorite people, places and things from 1959 - present… from the Torngat mountains in northern Labrador, which Jacques Cartier called “the land God gave to Cain”, to a beautiful Spring day in 1959 in the Adirondacks, to running rapids down the bony Payne River, Ungava Peninsula in the far north coast of Nunavik, Quebec, Canada, to a mountain in northwest Iceland (considered by the Icelanders to be the mouth of Hell)… to the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland. Meet the Geriatric Adventure Society —a group of staunch outdoor enthusiasts whose members have skied the 200-mile Alaska Marathon, climbed in Alaska, the Andes, and Himalayas, bushwhacked on skis through northern New England, and paddled rivers north of the Arctic Circle…


Will's new album: December, 2012 — 19 photos »

Album 1

20 photos »

from A beautiful spring day in 1959 ... to a Sub-Arctic Bushwhack in northern New Hampshire, and More...

Album 2

20 photos »

a brook trout and a green beadhead Woolly Bugger, the most enthusiastic characters you’ll ever meet, and More...

Album 3

21 photos »

northern New Hampshire, northern Labrador, high in the Adirondacks, and More...